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Word from the Director

Dear Ministry Partners,

WE HAVE BAD NEWS! Bad news #1: WE ARE ALL SINNERS!  Bad news #2:  The wages of sin is death.  BUT WE ALSO HAVE GOOD NEWS!  Good news #1:  Christ died for you!  Good news #2:  You can be saved through faith in Jesus Christ…

Partners, we actually shared the bad news and the good news!!!  Yes, we had an actual application of Evan Tell as we wrapped up our four sessions of personal evangelism training through the bad news and the good news method!  We were divided in pairs and went to a nearby park to find a prospect and share about Jesus.  It was not an easy task for our young people.  It has been their struggle to share the gospel to a friend.  Nevertheless, it is even harder to share the gospel to a total stranger!  Before our actual “send-off”, we took time to practice and pray with our partners.  We prayed for God to lead us to the right person, ready for harvest if possible, or to a person whom God would want us to just talk about the gospel and our faith.  We are responsible for contact and conversation.  God is the One responsible for conversion.  In other words, CONVERSE AND NOT CONVERT!

For some it was effortless to find prospects as they targeted balut (duck egg) or snack vendors.  But for some, it took quite a while as they waited for God’s perfect timing.  Then after a few minutes of waiting, everyone’s busy in the park talking about their salvation story!  It was a good sight as these young people genuinely gave their hearts to these unknown people, for them to know Jesus and be saved.  Our 180 Degree-ers saw the evident work of God and the Holy Spirit as these so-called strangers prayed with them to receive Christ!  It was an awesome sight!  Praise the Lord!!!

After Evan Tell training, we also learned other evangelism strategies like friendship bracelet and wordless book fashioned like a key chain.  Our young people are now starting to master the message and are becoming consistent and effective in evangelism.  We have observed that if our young people know what to say, they are becoming more and more confident!  Please pray that sharing and talking about the gospel will become a lifestyle.  NO, not only a lifestyle but a passion…

Please pray for us as we start our Harvest Connection workshop this July!  Now, we are starting to learn about God’s heart for the nations!  In short, MISSIONS!  We are learning the biblical basis of missions and the state of the world!  They say evangelism is simply to share the gospel, period.  But missions is to take the gospel to where it has never been proclaimed!  May our young people realize that God is a God of mission!

Partners, we have a good news!!  The good news is having YOU!  THANK YOU for your partnership.  You are one of the good reasons why we are encouraged and empowered to proclaim the good news of salvation even to the ends of the earth!  Amen!

In Christ’s name and fame,

 Roselle Brocal

Executive Director, 180 Degrees Music Team, Inc.