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Word from the Director

Dear Ministry Partners,

It’s summer in the Philippines!!!  In 180 Degrees, April to May are months of summer getaways. And for sure its not just the usual time of fun and leisure but missions exposure!  For a usual teenager who looks forward to summer vacations, aside from not thinking about school work, traveling is on top of the list!  But a usual 180 Degree-er looks forward to April as a season of cross-cultural mission trip–local or abroad.  To do missions work is on top of our list!  Traveling?  (Check!)  Cross-cultural? (Check!)  Reaching the unreached? A BIG CHECK!  This April??? (XXX) NO, at least not this year.  Since we just started our newest batch, we have set aside our usual local CCM (cross-cultural mission) trip for the semestral break which is after Batch 10’s launching.

Come to think of it, Its only our 2nd month of training and so far, we’ve seen great improvements in the lives of our new 180 Degree-ers!  It’s a 180 Degrees turn around from their usual “not-so-good” habits to a better lifestyle!  We have heard from some of the parents that their teens are now starting to learn about the importance of commitment, responsibilities and priorities!  They are starting to think ahead and get organized before they go to the Ministry Center.  We have stressed the value of “Grab and Go” and so far they are applying what they’ve learned! That’s quite a change!  Praise the Lord!

The past weeks in our MAD (Mentoring, Accountability, Discipleship) groups, we taught our young people how to share their testimony creatively, sincerely and effectively.  We journeyed with them, writing our spiritual timelines from birth, while taking note of significant events in our lives as we move along.  Of course, God is not yet finished with us.  But by recalling and writing our meaningful stories, we began to realize that the moment we were born, God had always been there, trying to get our attention, wanting to be part of our lives and waiting for us to open the door of our hearts for Him to dwell in. In fact, even while we were still in our mother’s womb, we already have a special calling. Just like in Jeremiah 1:5.

Our testimony workshop is currently ongoing so please pray that as our young people write their spiritual journey with God, they realize the relevance of their stories and the importance of sharing them so others can benefit.  Please pray for God to refresh our hearts as we recall moments of intimacy and encounter with Jesus in every page and chapter of our lives.     

Partners, you are one of the reasons, why we have a testimony to tell—that we can attest that God is truly our great Provider!  Thank you for being part of our 180 Degrees story!

In Christ’s name and fame,

Roselle Brocal

Executive Director, 180 Degrees Music Team, Inc.