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Word from the Director

Dear Ministry Partners,


The year 2018 marks the 2nd year of Batch 10’s journey in 180 Degrees!!! And we are getting more and more INTENTIONAL as we start our training for our International cross-cultural mission trip. Partners, we are led to go to the so-called, “Land of the Free”— the beautiful country of  THAILAND!

Once again, we are given an opportunity to go back to Northern Thailand, in the province of Phayao to minister to the Christian and Buddhist young people at Compassionate Hope Foundation. They have opened a school which caters to the tribal villages, training in academics, language and music. We will also visit their orphanage, which we heard has grown from the time we visited them way back in 2014. They are now taking care of more than a hundred abandoned children and are building two new homes in Phusang village. The previous 180 batch (Batch 8) have seen, contributed and experienced God’s amazing work through their ministry  and now, its Batch 10’s turn!  What a wonderful opportunity to be a part (even in our own little way) of this growing work of “intentionally” rescuing those who have been neglected of hope, love and light.

In all our cross-cultural mission trips, our goal is to partner with those people who are already working in the harvest field, supporting what was already started and building a bridge to the community and the missionaries working among them.  Through our 180 Degree-ers, we are able to encourage them that the task unfinished will not remain unfinished.  The next generation will continue the work that has been started by those who have sacrificed, risked and invested their lives for the sake of the gospel…for the sake of God’s glory. The work will not stop. It will continue.  And we will make sure that the new generation will receive the baton and pass it on to the next…until Jesus comes…

Your prayers and support are a huge encouragement to our young people as well.  Knowing that a lot of people are praying for us and are financially supporting us, we are strengthened to work and be God’s hands and feet, representing those who cannot go but having the heart to reach the unreached.

Please continue to pray for our team.  Our young 180 Degree-ers are not exempted from the work of the enemy especially now that we are preparing to go, as “lambs amidst the wolves”.  The pressure is on.  Some of our young people are facing difficulties in school and family relationships, not to mention the pressure of rasing funds for this upcoming trip.

Please pray as we are scheduled to leave on May 16, 2018 and we are still raising approximately Php 470,000 ($ 9,400) for this trip.  Would you like to be a part of this trip through your giving?  Our young people will be delighted!!!

KHOP KHUN KA!  (Thank you in Thai) Our prayer for you is for your 2018 to prosper, be blessed and fruitful so that more (and more) people will be blessed by YOU!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

In Christ’s name and fame,

Roselle Brocal

Executive Director, 180 Degrees Music Team, Inc.